Dosing and Unit Calculator | Aggrastat (tirofiban hydrochloride) injection

Dosing and Unit Calculator


To determine the appropriate dose and units required for your patient, fill in patient weight, creatinine clearance, infusion length and the unit type you will be using to administer Aggrastat.


Patient Information

≤ 60 mL/min
> 60 mL/min
Bolus Vial + 100 mL Vial
100 mL Vial Only

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Units Needed

Administer intravenously 25 mcg/kg within 5 minutes and then 0.15 mcg/kg/min for up to 18 hours. In patients with creatinine clearance (CrCl) ≤60 mL/min, give 25 mcg/kg bolus within 5 minutes followed by an infusion of 0.075 mcg/kg/min for up to 18 hours.

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